Becoming the Mystics and Prophets We Are Born to Be

Are you feeling ready to break out of your mold and BE MORE? Are you ready to tap into your depths and listen to your inner spirit? Are you ready to be a force for good like you’ve never been before? The steps to achieving mastery… are not difficult… What they demand is commitment, more than anything.



“Mysticism is not about human abandonment into the arms of the divine, but about immersion in the divine mystery at the heart of creation.” – Diarmuid O’Murchu

Mystics are the ones who dwell in the field of oneness, who understand the unity that is behind all things holding them together. Prophets are the ones who speak out when that unity is endangered, calling attention to a brokenness in need of re-pairing. In this course, we examine aspects of both of these archetypes that are present in our own lives, like genetic codes waiting to be activated. The steps to achieving mastery in either direction—the inner world of mysticism or the outer world of propheticism—are not difficult; nor are they for people with extraordinary talent or intelligence. What they demand is commitment, more than anything.

In this course, we will go to both worlds, inquire into our heart’s desire and our heartbreaks and see how to bring the two together, getting guidance from Intelligence Itself on our next moves and where they may lead.


Class meets online for live phone conversations with Jan
Classes meet 11 am to 12:30 pm Pacific time
Tuition $150.

Participants receive:

  • 4 live interactive online discussions with author/activist Jan Phillips
  • 4 video lectures which can be downloaded and watched at your convenience
  • Creative assignments to help you harvest value from your life experience
  • Recordings of all phone sessions
  • An online discussion board for ongoing conversation and connection
  • Free pdf copies of Jan’s books, The Art of Original Thinking and Circling

“Jan Phillips’ workshops cut to the core of what keeps us from fulfilling our creative destinies. She is insightful and compassionate, a loving friend and masterful teacher.Her books are great, but the experience of Jan in person is revelatory and life-changing.” – Deborah Burgess, video producer, Toronto, Canada

“Jan Phillips is one of the world’s premier evolutionary thought leaders.  Her down-to-earth style coupled with her brilliant ability to speak with wisdom and clarity allowed me to open to possibilities I never imagined.  Jan is a visionary who with grace, ease and delight helps all attendees discover unique gifts and talents.” – Catherine Roma, PhD, President, Roma & Associates

“Time spent with Jan Phillips is transformative. In whatever context, Jan’s breath of wisdom, open heartedness and commitment to world service ignites the souls of those who have the good fortune to be in her presence. Her visionary thinking, humor, spontaneity, and expanded consciousness catalyzes her workshop participants’ embodiment of their own soul/personal potential. Jan models the change for good that is now.” – Peg Vernon, PhD; Clinical Psychologist

“Jan has a amazing ability to touch the individual heart while at the same time being able to inspire the minds of the collective group to create,  motivate and organize. She midwifes Spirit-led passion and then guides the co-creative process between diverse parts (minds or communities) to manifest a new creation that expresses something greater than the sum of its parts.  It is something innovative and exciting; something that is a blessing to the world and all who are part of the creation. Simply, it is thrilling.” – Rev. Melanie Burns, Spiritual Director. Esprit Center for Inspired Living Naples Florida