Story Spinning- Harvesting Your Life Events and Harnessing Their Power

The question is not why did this happen TO me, but how did this happen FOR me? How might your life be different if you understood your role in creating it? What if those tragedies and traumas you experienced were actually the transport mechanisms for your wisdom? How do get at that inner wisdom?



Join Jan for an exciting 4 week ONLINE learning experience.

“We are the lights of the world, shapers of a culture that feeds the soul and builds on the knowing that all is one. It is time for us to throw the bucket down into our wells of wisdom, to mine our experiences and see what jewels are there for the sharing. When the Persian poet Rumi said “Stop learning, start knowing,” what he meant is that we already have within us the very thing we seek. There is no need to look outside, above, beyond. We are the help and it all becomes clear when we look within.” —from Circling by Jan Phillips

Course Description:
Our stories define us. They affect our well-being, our relationships, our present and our future. They are vehicles of energy, vessels of possibility. They contain infinite potential and we can harness light and great power from the experiences of our lives.

Our bodies are waiting to be tapped for their wisdom, gained from every ordeal we have suffered or encountered. Every catastrophe has stripped us of something and given us something. The nakedness, we know. The gifts are yet to be unearthed.

In this course, we will revisit our threshold experiences, our decisive moments and pivotal events and re-view them through a lens of emotional clarity and compassion. We will experience the deep listening of others as we share our stories, hear the narrative arc, define the crisis and revisit the resolution. We will see our role in co-creating the event and the narrative, and we will reconsider the telling from a place of power.


Class meets online for live phone conversations with Jan
Classes meet 11 am to 12:30 pm Pacific time
Tuition $150.

Participants receive:

  • 4 live interactive online discussions with author/activist Jan Phillips
  • 4 video lectures which can be downloaded and watched at your convenience
  • Creative assignments to help you harvest value from your life experience
  • Recordings of all phone sessions
  • An online discussion board for ongoing conversation and connection
  • Free pdf copies of Jan’s books, The Art of Original Thinking and Circling

Circling Cover“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world,” wrote Ramana Maharshi. This course is a guide for that inner journey. The steps take you into yourself and outward to others, from self-love to service. It offers questions that will draw out your wisdom, challenges that will engage your imagination, suggestions that will take you beyond the limits you feel today. The world is ours. Heaven is here. This moment is the moment we’ve been waiting for.” —from Circling by Jan Phillips

“We transcend the world by being able to story it differently.” – David Loy- The World is Made of Stories

The Art of Original Thinking Cover
“Transformation originates in people who see a better way or a fairer world, people who reveal themselves, disclose their dreams, and unfold their hopes in the presence of others. And this very unfolding, this revelation of raw, unharnessed desire, this deep longing to be a force for good in the world is what inspires others to feel their own longings, to remember their own purpose, and to act, perhaps for the first time, in accordance with their inner spirit.” —from Art of Original Thinking by Jan Phillips