Creativity and the Shaping of Our Consciousness


When we come into the world, our thoughts are shaped by the well-meaning adults in our lives. They love us. They want us to be safe. They pass on teachings and values they inherited, as that is all they know. As we mature and grow into the adults we are to become, we have a certain amount of shedding to do, for many of these notions are now outdated, supplanted by ideas which are evolving along with the rest of the universe.


We are cosmic beings, made of stardust and clay. Carl Sagan said in Cosmos, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” Our actual material value is about three dollars’ worth of chemicals, but when you add the worth of our imaginations, our brains and creativity, our value expands exponentially. Our true worth is buried within us, and creativity is the process of unearthing it and sharing it with others.

So our spiritual journey is not out into the fray, but inward toward the wisdom within. Our work is to explore our heart’s desire, to discern our calling, to see what draws us and follow our joy. This is the path to the soul’s mission. We know we are fulfilling it when we feel joy, feel our oneness with Nature and humanity, and speak and act from this sense of joyfulness.

We are a mighty force, a great light, but it is often shrouded by the smallness of our thoughts about who we are and of what we are capable. This video is an introduction to the mighty you, the capable you, the creative and purposeful you. Choose a time and location that is distraction-free and let its words wash over you. Reimagine yourself as a force to be reckoned with, a force for good, and let us begin this journey with a heightened awareness of our creative gifts and responsibilities.

Here is the script if you care to read it:

Think of yourself as a thought of the Infinite One

made flesh by your sheer desire to see and be seen


Think of yourself as nature looking upon nature

in awe at its grandeur, in tears for its wounds

Nature loving itself, healing itself, speaking out for itself.


Think of yourself as a vessel of stardust and clay,

a child of the cosmos evolving and transforming every minute of the day

matter into energy, particle into wave, mortal into Immortal.


Think of yourself as a soul who took on a body

to be of use, to radiate love and receive it in return—


Think of yourself as a shaman whose hands heal whatever they touch;

as a storyteller whose words fall like rain on a drought stricken land,

whose stories are medicine—miracles—that heal the sick and raise the dead.


Think of yourself as a circle holding yin and yang,

as unity cradling the dualities in your arms


Think of yourself as thought leaning toward radiance,

an early dawn rising into daylight.


Think of yourself as necessary—purposeful, here for a reason—

remember, you came here to light the world.


Deep inside you the fire of creation burns day and night,

atoms from the Big Bang spin and swirl in your blood and bones,

your lungs and your legs


Like salt in the tear, joy in the laughter, the Holy One is in you,

being scattered like seeds across the land as you speak and write

and reach out to touch.


You are the hands and feet, the eyes and ears of the Great Beloved

It is time now that each of us say what happened

and what we learned.

To reveal ourselves is to heal ourselves—

and to heal ourselves is to heal each other and the world entire.


From our revelations of intimacy and truthfulness,

vulnerability and generosity, the future takes shape and enters into us—

OUR words made flesh, OUR thoughts made real.


Yes, think of yourself as a creator…

the peace you desire, the justice you cry for —

these will come as we speak them into being.


As the cosmos is being created by the Mind of the Infinite One,

this world is being created by the minds of the finite ones,

by us.


Let us be mindful and full of care for the words we speak, the thoughts we think,

the stories we tell…for these are the tools with which we build tomorrow.